Lip Gloss Tubes: Bulk Wholesalers and Suppliers & How To Find Them

Whether you are trying to make some homemade lip gloss for your own personal use or building the next beauty empire, you will need beautiful, cost-efficient packaging to store, and potentially market your products.

If you're building a cosmetic business, it is important to choose a cost-efficient manufacturer that you can build a relationship. On top of that, there are other things to worry about such as branding, labeling, and shipping!

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To make this process easier, we've put together a list of the best manufacturers of lip gloss tubes to make your life easier, so that you can focus on the rest of the important stuff.

Lip gloss tubes

Suppliers of Lip Gloss Tubes For Your Beauty Brand

Lip Gloss tubes can be sourced from bigger platforms like Etsy and Amazon, but when bulk buying, it might be more cost-efficient to go through a bigger manufacturer to decrease your per-unit cost. Here are some manufacturers and platforms you can use to source your own lip gloss tubes.

  • SeaCliff Beauty
    SeaCliff Beauty is a world leader in providing both stock and bespoke packaging. Their products are used by leading brands worldwide such as Estee Lauder & Biossance. Recently, they have started putting an increased focus on sustainability and expanded their product range with metal and glass packaging, as well as bio-plastics.
  • Berlin Packaging
    Berlin Packaging is a supplier of all kinds of packaging, not just cosmetics! They have a wide range of lip balm and lip gloss containers and tubes in a variety of different shapes and volumes. For those considering starting a beauty brand, it is more cost-effective to buy lip gloss tubes in bulk to be more cost-efficient. Per unit cost for lip gloss containers bought in bulk can cost as low as under $1.
  • Etsy
    For small businesses that are just starting, Etsy can be a great source for lip gloss tubes and containers (along with other cosmetic packaging and materials). It is also a great way to support other small businesses. Etsy has plenty of affordable options in thousands of different designs and products that are cost-effective and available for delivery worldwide.
  • HC Packaging
    HCP Packaging is a global manufacturer of cosmetic packaging and has manufacturing locations all across the world. They keep both stock and custom products, and their stock catalog also includes lip gloss tubes! They offer a wide range of tube volumes, starting at 10mm and going up to 17mm.
  • Mineral Mine
    Mineral Mine is a white-label manufacturer of cosmetics that also keeps some packaging options. If you are looking for more than just lip gloss tubes, and also want to start your own makeup line, this is a great option. They do all the work for you, which leaves you in charge of branding and marketing your pre-built beauty brand.
  • APC Packaging
    APC Packaging is a global supplier of cosmetic packaging and places a special emphasis on sustainably produced containers made of eco-friendly materials. They have a wide collection of stock tubes and jars but also do custom labeling and product manufacturing at a very competitive price.
  • AliExpress
    When talking about bulk buying anything, Alibaba-owned AliExpress is definitely worth a mention. Though there are plenty of manufacturers and wholesalers on the platform, it is important to do your own due diligence before ordering anything because not every supplier is vetted by the company.

    Having said that, they have plenty of cute lip gloss containers that come in all kinds of beautiful and interesting shapes and sizes!
  • SKS Bottles & Packaging
    SKS has a wide range of containers and jars made of both PET and glass to serve your beauty brand ideals. They are a global company with 35 years of experience. They also supply containers made of paperboard, which can be a much more eco-friendly option as compared to traditional PET containers.
  • TKB Trading
    TKB Trading is a supplier of hundreds of colors and high-end raw materials for make-up. They also supply DIY easy starter kids along with beautiful packaging. They have been in business for over 20 years and have helped indie brands grow too big businesses which have been featured outlets like Sephora and Forever 21!
  • Paper Mart
    Paper Mart is a family-owned and operated packaging business that has been around for 100 years! Established in 1921, Paper Mart covers all of your packaging needs - way beyond just cosmetics! They have huge bulk discounts and most of their orders in the United States ship within the same day.

These companies and platforms bring years of experience and quality products to the packaging industry and should be a good starting point for you to start building your product. We have also included some eco-friendly options so that you can look forward and be rest assured that your products and their packaging are built keeping the future in mind.

Consumer goods packaging can be a very polluting industry which is why it is important to be thoughtful about the kind of packaging you are using. Paper and bioplastic-based packaging can be much better for the environment as compared with plastic which cant take centuries to biodegrade.

There are some things you can keep in mind to reduce your cosmetic packaging carbon footprint, the most important one being to try to use packaging made from biodegradable materials such as bamboo, wood, or paper. If using PET bottles is essential then try to use as much recycled PET as possible.