9 Tools To Generate Great Names (and Logos!) For Your Small Business

The Best Free Business Name Generators To Find The Perfect Name For Your Brand

It is definitely not easy to come up with a good name for your startup. Your brand name is the first thing that people will notice about your company, which is why it is extremely important to get it right. The digital age makes it harder to choose a brand name that works perfectly for several reasons. The most obvious one being domain name availability. Even if you come up with a really good name, chances are that it might already be owned by someone else.

I like to use name generation tools to get some ideas and inspiration for my potential brand. Over the years, I've tried to come up with a million different brand names and more often than not, I would love a name, but it would either be trademarked by someone else or have a really expensive domain name. The best part about the tools I've listed below is that you can filter by things like domain name availability, which certainly makes things easier.

A good brand image is made up of a lot of different things - fonts, colors, products and the kind of service you provide are what will help you get customer loyalty, but a good name can be the icing on the cake.

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What Makes a Brand Name Stick?

While these tools will be able to generate some great names for you, it is important to pick the right one. There are many factors to consider which can help your brand name stick, so keep these in mind while you are looking through the names generated by the tools we've listed below.

  • Make sure your brand name is unique but memorable: For a brand to have a unique identity, it needs to sound different from whatever else is in your market, but not too different. You don't want a name that people can't remember. Keep it different, but keep it simple.
  • Make sure your brand name is relevant and clear: A relevant name will help your customers recall exactly what it is your brand does. If I want to make use of a service or product and I recall that there was a time when I had chanced upon a website that catered to my need, I will try to reach into my memory bank which is when relevancy becomes key.

Some Name Generation Tools That Can Help You Get Started Today


Namelix is number one on the list for a reason. I have personally managed to find some great names for my side projects time and time again. One of my favourite things about Namelix is that you can choose to only generate names that have .com domain names available.

You can choose the length of your business name, what branded keywords you would like to put in (if any) and can filter by domain availability.

Namelix goes as far as giving you the flexibility to choose the style of the brand name you would want to generate. For example, if you are biased towards compound words (such as FedEx or Instagram), then you can specify that in the name generator. There are plenty of other styles to choose from - you can use rhyming words (GrubHub) or even misspelling (Lyft).

Namelix generates both names and logos so you will be able to get some inspiration on where to start. Even if you don't find the perfect fit, considering the logos and names are generated by using artificial intelligence, it will still serve as a great springboard to get you started.

NameMesh Company Name Generator

NameMesh's Company Name Generator has an extremely wide offering and can filter based on several naming factors, but their main focus is on brand personality. What's great about this name generator is that they also show you social availability - whether your name is available on Instagram, Twitter and other social media channels. You can also generate SEO friendly names to make sure that you rank higher on Google searches for your chosen keywords!


NameSmith takes up to five keywords with which you can describe your business and based on those, generates some very cool and unique names. You can filter by domain availability. If you're truly feeling out of inspiration, you can also just generate random business names and Namesmith will give you its best ones!

Shopify's Business Name Generator

This is a great tool to use if your vision is to ultimately start an e-commerce store with Shopify. While Shopify's offering is not as powerful as Namelix, you will still be able to enter some queries and generate good, brand-able names.

Shopify's name generator creates good, brand-able names and also instantly checks for domain name availability so that you can find the perfect domain name and immediately reserve it! Shopify's name generator keeps in mind that the most effective brand names are driven by simplicity.

Looka's Business Name Generator

Looka is primarily an AI-powered logo generation tool, but it also has a handy business name generator. You can filter by length and keywords and they also offer some in-built inspiration to get you started!

Wix's Name Generator

Today, Wix has become a household name when it comes to building drag and drop "no-code" websites. They also have a name generator for your business. While not as powerful as some of the others we have mentioned on this list, the name generator stills come in handy as it allows you to filter by industry and also gives you a list of available domain extensions. So if you're building an e-commerce store and a .com extension is not available, the tool will let you know if there are .shop or .store options available, which you may be able to use instead.


Supply Novanym with some keywords, your industry of operation and a name style, and their AI-driven name generator will generate some great names (and logos!), all of which will have .com availability. They also show you the price of each available domain - which means that there will be no surprises when you actually pick a domain and want to buy it.

Oberlo's Name Generator

If you haven't heard of Oberlo, it is a platform that handles the logistics of running a dropshipping store. Oberlo also offers courses, tutorials and tools on setting up, building and running a dropshipping store from scratch, including a name generator for your new business!

Anadea's Business Name Guide

Anadea's Business Name Guide is a simple, no-frills tool that will help you generate a business name based on a couple of keywords

In Conclusion

If you have the perfect business idea and a plan of action to get things going, but you're having difficulty figuring out the perfect name for your business, then these tools will help you get some inspiration to start. There is a possibility that none of the generators on our list will give you exactly what you are looking for, but you might find something that sticks and acts as a springboard for you to find the perfect brand name. In any case, whatever you choose will always be the right fit for your brand.