The Best Data Science Internships in 2023 - Around The World!

A career in data science is one of the most lucrative career paths today. Data scientists are in hot demand by major companies that are fighting to gain insight from the torrents of data generated through their users, web crawlers, and other sources.

Data Science VS. Computer Science - What’s The Difference?
Data Science and Computer Science are two very related fields, but in practice, they have very different practical applications. In this guide, we cover it all!

Data scientists are well-paid for good reason—the work they do is hard! It requires a lot of creativity to extract valuable insights from the data. This is exactly why nearly all business decisions are increasingly being driven by an understanding of data science and machine learning techniques.

We've curated a list of the best data scientist and analyst internship positions available worldwide - from remote opportunities to internships in the U.S., U.K. and India. Bookmark these opportunities, and kickstart your career in Data Science today!

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Worldwide & Remote Data Science Internships

1. Quora's Software Engineering Machine Learning Internship

Required Qualifications: Pursuing a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering or a related technical field
Location: This position is fully remote and can be performed from anywhere in the world

At Quora, interns play a key role in upholding the company's engineering culture and values. They work alongside full-time employees as teammates, working on the same projects that help to propel the company and product forward. Interns get mentorship throughout the duration of the program, along with weekly one-on-ones, code reviews, and feedback sessions. This ensures a well-rounded experience in a supportive environment.

This position is fully remote and can be performed from anywhere in the world, which means that it's open to everyone despite the limitations of geographic location!

Data Science Internships in The U.S.

1. Amazon's 2023 Data Science Internship

Required Qualifications: Enrolled in a Master's degree or equivalent in maths, statistics, computer science, or related science field and related experience
Location: Seattle, Washington

Amazon is searching for data scientists with strong leadership abilities and the ability to create, automate, and run analytical models of our systems. You'll have excellent modeling skills and be comfortable owning data.

Applicants must be able to plan, organize, and execute medium-scale modeling projects; identify needs; and design a scientifically valid methodology and tools.

2. IBM Data Science Internship - Summer 2023

Required Qualifications: High School Juniors
Location: Multiple Cities & States | Remote

IBM is experiencing strong demand for data scientists in key areas of growth. If you are hired, you will be assigned to a team that meets the needs of the business, your location, and your skill set. IBM's forward-thinking teams are addressing some of the world's most difficult challenges.

Some of your responsibilities as an IBM data science intern will include creating and maintaining statistical models as well as implementing and validating predictive models, with a focus on big data.

3. Microsoft's Data & Applied Sciences Internship

Required Qualifications: Currently pursuing a bachelor's or master's in Computer Science, Mathematics, Economics, Statistics, Applied Sciences like Biostatistics, Physics, Chemistry, Computational Neurology, and or another quant-focused field with at least one semester/quarter remaining after internship
Location: Multiple Cities & States

Interns at Microsoft work on real-world assignments in collaboration with teams all around the world while having a good time. You'll be able to create a community, explore your interests, and achieve your objectives. This is your chance to put your ideas into action by implementing cutting-edge technology.

4. Google's Data Scientist Intern

Required Qualifications: Currently attending a degree program in the US with plans to return to the degree program after completion of the internship with anticipated graduation on or before June 2024.
Location: Multiple Cities & States

The Software Engineering division, which includes Life Sciences, Geo, Machine Learning, Technical Infrastructure, Search, YouTube, and Advertising among other things, is where Google's statisticians and data scientists/ quantitative analysts reside. They analyze enormous amounts of data and conduct live experiments on a regular basis in order to assist make critical decisions at Google. They help to develop cutting-edge, highly scalable, next-generation technologies by conducting in-depth research and sophisticated analysis.

5. Data Science Intern at DICK'S Sporting Goods

Required Qualifications: Attending an accredited university, college, or technical school with a graduation date of December 2023 or May 2024 and majoring in quantitative fields such as Statistics and Computer Science.
Location: Pittsburgh, PA | Remote

Interns will participate in a comprehensive and well-organized internship program during the 11-week summer experience. On-the-job training, mentorship, classroom learning, cross-functional departmental exposure, and an end-of-program project presentation are all included in this structured and organized curriculum.

DICK'S Sporting Goods is looking for a Data Science intern to assist product teams within the technology organization. The team currently has projects ranging from natural language processing to demand forecasting to supply chain optimization, among other things, and is searching for an intern who can work with one of our full-time data scientists on one of our in-progress projects.

6. Data Science at Pinterest

Required Qualifications: Currently pursuing an MS or Ph.D. in statistics, mathematics, economics, applied sciences, computer science, or related fields.
Location: San Francisco, CA

As a Data intern at Pinterest, You'll use quantitative analysis, statistical techniques, modeling, and data mining while collaborating across functions to help engineers and product partners.

The outcomes of your efforts will have an impact on the team's roadmap, identify feasible product possibilities, fine-tune our experimentation platform, and drive key initiatives. This is a 12-week summer internship program in their San Francisco office.

7. Data Science Intern (Summer 2023) at Dropbox

Required Qualifications: Rising Junior or Graduate student pursuing a degree in Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering, or related field
Location: San Francisco, CA

As a Dropbox intern, you'll be part of a fantastic learning opportunity with data scientists from various disciplines. As a Data Science intern, you'll become an industry subject matter expert for a certain business unit (Core File Sync and Share, Hellosign, etc.) and use Dropbox data to generate practical insights that drive product decisions and revenue wins.

You'll work side-by-side with a dedicated, experienced Dropboxer as your coach and have full control over a high-impact initiative. You will leave the internship with a strong network of mentors, as well as the ability to create and implement high-impact ideas.

8. Meta University for Analytics at Meta

The programme was created to give historically underrepresented students the opportunity to strengthen their technical skills and gain professional job experience. Between May and August, it consists of a few weeks of pertinent technical instruction followed by practical project work. Participants are partnered with a Meta team member who acts as a mentor for the length of the programme.

Analytical interns at Meta work on data-intensive analyses for products or businesses after learning about careers in data engineering or data science and gaining practical experience under the guidance of a mentor.

Data Science Internships in The U.K.

1. BP Summer Internship Data Science

Required Qualifications: Be on track for a 2:1 degree, or equivalent, in computer science, mathematics, statistics or a STEM field
Location: Multiple Cities

As a data science intern at BP, You will collaborate with business people, data scientists, data engineers, software engineers, and domain specialists to better understand the obstacles the business challenges faced by the company.

As this is a technical role, interns are expected to dig into data sets and use tools and techniques to cleanse, rationalize and infer meaning out of data.

2. J.P. Morgan AI & Data Science Analyst Program

Required Qualifications: Pursuing a Bachelor’s or 1-Year Master’s degree program in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) with an expected graduation of December 2023 - Summer 2024.
Location: London

JP Morgan's 9 Week Summer Internship Program begins in June. The internship program will also provide interns with the opportunity to work on important projects that are relevant to their professional area, guidance from experts in their field, and an engaging speaker series featuring senior leaders. Full-time employment possibilities may be extended after the successful completion of the program.

Areas of focus include Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech/Voice Analytics, Computer Vision, Cryptography, Automated Trading, etc.

Data Science Internships in India

1. Data Science Intern or Applied Scientist Intern at Amazon

Required Qualifications: Pursuing Masters or equivalent advanced degree from a top tier Technology school
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Interns at Amazon will get a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world data problems. Interns will be expected to analyze data to solve business issues and guide company decision-making using statistics and analytical methods. Identify factors that influence customer experience and innovative methods for forecasting and prediction.

Collaborate with multiple teams as a leader of quantitative analysis and where you develop solutions that utilize the highest standards of analytical rigor and data integrity.

2. BounceBack Program at Target

Required Qualifications: Women candidates with 3 years of relevant work experience (in Consulting/Analytics domain in the past) and 2 +years of an ongoing break from work
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Target's BounceBack program provides women candidates, who've taken a career break an opportunity to gain relevant work experience in a collaborative atmosphere.

If you're analytics-oriented and have been on a career break, but are looking for an opportunity to reinvent your work life and pivot towards a data science or analytics space, then BounceBack is the perfect program for you. It is a 16-week long internship program at Target's Data Analytics India team. You will be tackling contemporary issues in eCommerce with a blend of statistical analysis, optimization, and behavioral economics.